Test your skills with a few Anagrams

by Johan Botha

Johan Botha
Ursula van den Berg
Heidi Brönn
Terese van Buuren
Retha du Toit
Retha Groenewald
Martiens Elmes
Johann Vertongen
Irene Hennop
Jaymee Smit
Jaco Smit
Heila Genis
Johan van Rensburg
Karen Coetzee
Morne Coetzee
Casio Du Sousa
Wikus Jv Nieuwenhuizen
Florah Mashisi

Johan, Here are anagrams for three of the names on your list. Why not try your hand at some of the others and submit them?

Johan Botha = HA, HOT BANJO!
Ursula van den Berg = LAVENDER SUGAR BUN
Heidi Brönn = HI, NEON BIRD!

Ann Fisher

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