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Making big plans for your bridal shower? Here's a fun bridal word scramble with a twist. When all the words are unscrambled, guests can uncover a secret word.

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To play this game, your guests will unscramble each wedding-related word. Then they'll write the letters in the indicated positions from their answers in the blanks at the bottom of the page. With those letters, they will spell a word heard frequently at weddings.

The first one is done as an example. (Note: Some answers will be made of more than one word.)

Printable Bridal Word Scramble

1. morog (1)           groom   –  _ G

2. rebdi (3)             ____________

3. stegus  (2)          ____________

4. didsamribe (8)      ____________

5. swov  (4)            ____________

6. fromdooniha (9)    ____________

7. sleia (1)              ____________

8. wriglefrol (3)        ____________

9. smebtna (7)        ____________

10. ruhes (5)           ____________

11. tinesrim (6)        ____________

12. uuqbeto (7)       ____________

13. dancel (5)          ____________

14. scumi (5)           ____________

15. onceripte (8)      ____________

Check here for the solution, or print the pdf for the entire puzzle and solution.

1. groom-G 2. bride-I 3. guests-U 4. bridesmaid-A 5. vows-S 6. maid of honor-N 7. aisle-A 8. flower girl-O 9. best man-N 10. usher-R 11. minister-T 12. bouquet-T 13. candle-L 14. music-C 15. reception-O CONGRATULATIONS

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