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Wedding Word Scramble Puzzles

wedding bells

Looking for a creative wedding word scramble for an upcoming wedding shower? You can't go wrong with the word games here because they're fun, free, and printable!

Our free, printable wedding shower games are different from the others you'll find online. We write all of our own material. Why not print and play these games yourself, then share them with your guests?

Warm Up

Try these scrambled wedding words for a quick warm up. Check your work at the orange button below. Then check out the many lists of other printable word scramble games.

1. g s n i r

2. r y e o n c e m

3. s w o n g

4. w r o l f s e

5. u n i m a c i s s 

Wedding Word Scramble Games

luggage outside a hotel room

Bridal Shower Honeymoon Scramble: What does every bride need to take with her on the Honeymoon? Unscramble these fun words to find out.

Bridal Word Scramble: This game is sure to be a hit at your next shower. Your guests will unscramble 15 wedding-related words to discover a hidden word.

chocolate desserts

Desserts Word Scramble: A puzzle page your guests are sure to love! Be sure to have plenty of sweets to serve while your guests untangle these words!

Wedding Word Scramble - Kitchen Appliances: How handy is the new bride in the kitchen, and how skillful are your guests with this tricky puzzle?

spice jars

Spice It Up!: Can your guests unscramble this list of 20 spices and seasonings? Even if their spice racks are well-stocked, your guests may be challenged to complete this fun wedding shower game! 

Layered wedding cake

Wedding Cake Word Game This brand-new wedding game is sure to put some fun and excitement into your bridal shower. Guests earn points as they make words from the letters in WEDDING CAKE. It's one of my favorites!

1. rings (or grins!) 2. ceremony 3. gowns 4. flowers 5. musicians

More Word Scrambles

triangular word game

We also have lots of free word scramble games on other topics. You might enjoy some of these:

Triangulair Scramble Word Games Can you beat our scores on this challenging, unique word scramble? Make words of four letters, and one ten-letter word from the letters in each triangle. Fun!

Parts of Baby's Body - A printable, simple word scramble for your next baby shower.

A to Z Baby Name Scramble - This on is a challenging word game based on babies' first names. Tons of fun!

question mark in an aqua circle

Oxymoron Scramble: Here's an unusual word play scramble. Discover 20 goofy sayings we use that don't really make much sense.

Books of the Bible Word Scramble People of all ages will enjoy this Bible game with a twist! Great for family night or Bible classes.

Word Scramble Puzzle: Movies of the 1980s

1980's Movie Word Scramble Puzzle: Are you a 80's Movie Buff? If so, you have to try this one! See how many of these popular 1980's movies you can remember and unscramble!

North American Cities Try to untangle this list of sixteen cities. How many have you visited?

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