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Free Word Search Games

Medium Difficulty

movie word search

If you like free word search games, we think you're going to love these! Scroll through our listings below for the ones you want to solve.

We've sorted our puzzles into levels of difficulty. (Of course, everyone might not have the same idea of what's easy and what's tough, so you might just want to try them all!)

Cameraman in a bright yellow shirt

Movie Word Search - Supply the missing word in 30 movie titles, then find the words in the diagram. Two puzzles in one!

Things People Collect - Folks like to accumulate interesting sorts of collections. Is your favorite collectible on this list?

large, bright pink dahlia

Flower Power - Find the 29 words that are the word list, plus one more flower name that is not. Fun for all ages!

The Finer Things in Life - Indulge yourself in a few moments of thinking about pricey stuff! Even if you don't have some of these more luxurious items, we think you'll enjoy solving this puzzle!

John F. Kennedy

John Who? - We've hidden the names of 26 famous men who all shared the first name of John. How many do you know?

map of Ireland

Ireland Word Search - Find all counties, rivers and other important words related to the Emerald Isle. Can you find out how many times the word GREEN appears?

50 States Word Search Game - Find all fifty states of the United States. Fun to solve no matter where you live!

Canadian flag

O Canada! Explore Canada's provinces, cities, and natural resources in this entertaining word search puzzle.

London Fog - How knowledgeable are you about all things British? Try this word search to see if you can find 45 words related to London.

Coffee cup-shaped word search

Coffee Word Search - This clever puzzle is designed inside a coffee mug! Grab a cup of your favorite blend while you solve it.

Oatmeal Toppings - Who knew there were so many ways to enjoy this hearty breakfast food?

Woman under an old-fashioned hair dryer, solving a crossword puzzle in a newspaper

Full-Service Spa - Relax! Pamper yourself awhile while you solve this fun, free word search game.

Prickly Word Search - This thorny puzzle may or may not be easy for you. Not every word in the list is in the puzzle!

More Free Word Search Games

bride and groom

Wedding Word Search - Perfect for a bridal shower or for solving on your own. Look for the names of those people who make a wedding happen.

Baby Word Search: This word search contains 40 words, but one very important word has been left out of the puzzle. Can you find which one?

The Earth and Outer Space, from our Creation word search

Creation - In the beginning...and all the way through, we think you'll enjoy this puzzle! Review the Biblical account of the beginnings of the universe as you find 32 words. 

Math word search puzzle

Math Word Search - Two puzzles are on this page. The first is a number puzzle where you must find the answer to multiplication problems. The second is a puzzle in which important math terms are hidden.

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