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Use these free Bible games for your next group event, or to solve on your own. Our games provide a great way to important Bible information while you're having fun!

Be sure to try LOTS of these links. You'll find games and puzzles that are just right for you, no matter your age or level of expertise!

Bible Games for Groups

Pop Up! - How much fun will your kids have learning Bible verses? Try this game and find out! Ideal for Bible School and Church School groups.

Order, Please! A fun, flexible game to help groups of students memorize learn Bible verses. Also perfect for Bible School!

Bible Bingo Game Old Testament Bible Bingo at its best! Play it at your next family night or youth group meeting.

Bible Baseball Batter Up! Test your group's knowledge for Bible Trivia in this fun game for any size group. We've included a printable list 30 questions and answers for your convenience.

Check out my BRAND-NEW set of BIBLE TRIVIA games, questions and answers!

Sword Drills - One of the best ways to encourage kids to learn their way around the Bible

Bible Tic-Tac-Toe - Review any Bible facts using this format. Great for All Ages!

Bible Brainstorming I Perfect for any group gathering. These free Bible games challenge everyone to supply as many answers as possible before time runs out!

Bible Brainstorming II  If you enjoyed solving our first Bible Brainstorming word puzzle, here’s a new challenge. Warning: This one is even tougher.

Looking for a good read? I recommend Moon's Mercy, a science-fiction novel that's faith-based. An unusual, thought-provoking book, perfect for 'tween-agers on up.

Bible Word Search Puzzles

We have the best free Bible games, for groups and for individuals! See our entire collection of Bible Word Search Puzzles, or choose one from this shorter list:

Jesus praying

Who Was Jesus? Jesus was called by many names in the Bible. We’ve hidden 40 of them in this puzzle. See how many you can find.

The Books of the New Testament Great for personal use or a Sunday School class. Find all the books of the New Testament. Don't miss the little "twist" in this one!

"The Temple" Bible Word Search Do you need to find a great free Bible word search puzzle? See if you can find all the words related to Solomon's construction of the Temple.

Joseph - Son of Jacob Review the names of Joseph's brothers, his experiences in Egypt and more as you solve this fun word search puzzle.

Kings Can you find the names of all the kings listed in the books of I and II Kings? We've added a twist. One of the names is actually a Queen! Which one is it?

Bible Crosswords

Characters in the Gospels Can you remember the names of these important people from the first four books of the New Testament? Great for Bible classes of all ages.

The Birth of Christ Solve this crossword about the arrival of Baby Jesus. Great for Christmas -- or anytime!

Locations in the New Testament Do you know your Bible locations? See how many places in the New Testament you can call to mind with this unique Bible crossword.

The Apostle Paul Review the remarkable life of the Apostle Paul n this challenging puzzle.

Bible Crossword - Noah's ark

Noah's Ark Bible Crossword Can you answer all these clues on one of the most famous events in the Bible?

The Story of Esther One of the most remarkable women in the Bible, the wise and beautiful Queen Esther, is the centerpiece of this interesting crossword puzzle.

More Free Bible Games and Activities

wise owl sitting on a tree branch

NEW Wise Up! You'll uncover a great verse from Ecclesiastes, IF you're wise enough to correctly follow all the directions! Great for ages 8 to adults.

David and Goliath Word Puzzle Here's a unique word game for kids about one of the most beloved stories in the Old Testament.

Bible Puzzles for Kids, ABC style! In this fun puzzle, kids must remove each letter of the alphabet to reveal in important Bible verse.

Jesus Feeds a Crowd Kids will enjoy this activity as they learn about the famous Bible story from Matthew 14.

Bible with cross on front

Books of the Bible Puzzle Try our books of the Bible puzzle. See how fast you can unscramble the name of each book of the Bible and write it correctly in the blank.

Hidden Books of the Bible Try to find the names of 17 books of the Bible, from both the Old and New Testaments that are hidden inside of bigger words, or are spread across more than one word.

Bible Cryptograms Uncover truths from God's word as you decode these verses.

Bible People Pairs Try to untangle well-known Bible pairs of people in this unusual Bible word game. Two names have been woven together in each line. Can you separate them?

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