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Free Printable
Bridal Shower Games

What's Cooking?

Our free printable bridal shower games will help to make your party a success. Here's a really unique one that everyone can enjoy!

casserole of steaming food

Are you a food expert? Here's your chance to find out! Choose the best answer for each item. Our pictures may or may not be helpful!

Here's a peek at the printable version. The full text also appears below.

"What's Cooking?"  One of our free, printable bridal shower games

1. A habanero is a A) Mexican dessert B) very hot pepper C) South American fruit D) none of these

2. Vichyssoise is A) light cream sauce to put on fruit B) a raw fish entree C) an eggplant casserole D) soup made from potatoes

3. Truffles are A) edible underground roots B) rich chocolate candies  C) both A and B   D) none of these

dessert in a dish

4. Trifles are A) tiny chocolate sprinkled nuggets B) layered desserts made with gelatin, custard and fruit      C) chopped eggplants D) raspberry tarts

5. Melba sauce is made with A) raspberries B) kumquats C) raisins D) eggplant

6. Headcheese is A) a stick of sharp cheese B) cheese from the top of a vat C) A jellied loaf or sausage made from the meat of a pig's head D) none of these

7. Gazpacho is A) a chip dip B) a fried bean dish C) a cold soup made of tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables D) both A and B

8. Welsh Rarebit is A) melted cheese over toast B) rabbit stew C) a British dessert D) eggplant soup

9. Mascarpone is A)an appetizer made with eggplant B) a soft Italian cheese C) a coconut-pineapple dessert D) none of these

10. Baba ghanoush is a A) spread made from roasted eggplant B) a frozen berry dessert C) bread made from cornmeal D) a rich coffee and cream beverage

chocolate dessert

11. Black pudding is a  A) a creamy dessert made with dark chocolate     B) a brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce  C) a moist, anise-flavored cake   D) none of these

12. Shallots are a type of A) potato B) seafood C) eggplant D) small onion

13. Meringues are A) eggplant pies B) desserts made with egg whites C) tropical fruits D) none of these

14. Borscht is  A) similar to broccoli  B) cabbage  C) beet soup  D) a non-alcoholic beverage

1.B 2.D 3.C 4.B 5.A 6.C 7.C 8.A 9.B 10.A 11.D It's actually a dark sausage with a high content tof blood, usually made with diced pork fat, pork blood, chopped onion, etc. 12.D 13.B 14.C

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