Free Printable Word Puzzles :

If you like to solve free printable word puzzles, we think you'll love our ZigZags! See how long it takes you to zigzag your way through each each diagram of seven-letter words.
Zigzags are the fun, new word puzzle with pizzazz! The directions are very simple.

First complete the 7-letter word at the top of each diagram. Then use the last two letters of the first word as the first two letters of the second word.

In the sample puzzle shown above, we supplied the first five letters of the first word, and the middle three letters of each word in black.

The remaining letters, shown in green, are the ones that you will be asked to supply in our ZigZag puzzles.

If you get stuck, try starting at the bottom of the diagram and working your way up, in reverse. The last five letters of the final word are given.

Ready to try some on your own? Use these links:

ZigZags #1 and #2

ZigZags #3 and #4

ZigZags #5 and #6

ZigZags #7 and #8

ZigZags #9 and #10

ZigZags #11 and #12

More Free Printable Word Puzzles

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