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Bridal Shower Purse Game

purse stuffed full and overflowing

You may have played a bridal shower purse game before, but never like this! This is a rollicking fun game that will have your guests loosened up and laughing in no time at all.

We've added our own unique twists to create a new version of this popular Bridal Shower Game.


bridal shower purse game

First make sure everyone has paper, pencil, and a purse. The hostess reads through the list of items. If a guest has the item in her purse, she writes down the number of points on her paper. At the end of the game, the person with the most points is the winner.

Printable version of Bridal Shower Purse Game

Here's our list:

  • Lip stick, lip gloss, powder - 1 point each
  • Nail file or emery board - 2 points each
  • Pictures of friends and family 2 - points per picture
  • Picture of ex-boyfriend of ex-spouse - deduct 10 points
  • Credit card or debit card - 1 point each, up to 5. If you have more than 5, deduct 5 points
  • Checkbook - 5 points
  • Breath mints - 5 points
  • A one-dollar bill - 2 points each
  • Unused Kleenex - 5 points
  • Used Kleenex - Deduct 5 points
  • Ear Plugs - 10 points
  • Knitting needle or crochet hook - 20 points
  • Tweezers - 5 points
  • Book - 10 points
  • Sunglasses - 5 points
  • Reading glasses - 10 points
  • Band aid - 5 points
  • Postage stamp - 5 points
  • Flashlight - 10 points
  • Passport - 15 points
  • Expired coupon - Deduct 10 points
  • Pens and pencils - 2 points
  • Fork, knife, or spoon - 5 points
  • Cell phone - 10 points
  • Deodorant - 15 points
  • Flash drive - 15 points
  • Cough drop - 5 points
  • A quarter that does not have a state on the back - 15 points
  • Underwear - 20 points
  • Socks - 15 points
  • Umbrella - 15 points
  • Picture of the bride - 30 points

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