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Free Word Scramble Games

Triangulairs are one of our free word scramble games. We have lots more!

Are you ready for some word play fun? Try our free word scramble games. We have all sorts of topics to interest all sorts of people.

If you want to read a few tips first, view our word scramble helps.

Turkey for Thanksgiving Word Scramble

NEW! Thanksgiving Word Scramble - Here's an entertaining Thanksgiving Word Scramble puzzle with a twist! Discover a timely hidden message after you unscramble all 15 words correctly. The theme of this page is gratitude. Solve on your own or with a group. Share with family and friends this season!

Buzzwords 25 and 26

NEW! 7 Letter Word Scramble - Try my original Buzzword puzzles in which you'll search for scrambled 7-letter answers to crossword-like clues in a honeycomb arrangement of letters. Few word puzzles are sweeter than this! Check out my entire collection!

Food Fun

delicious chocolate cake

Delicious Dessert Word Scramble: Try this dessert scramble. Get comfortable and grab your favorite beverage and dessert and enjoy. 

Spice It Up: A list of 20 spices and seasonings to untangle. Fun to do at the office or even at a bridal shower. How many can you solve without looking in your cupboard?

basket of fresh fruit and vegetables

Fruit and Veggie Frenzy Start with a common word. Add one letter. Rearrange to spell the name of a fruit or vegetable. Healthy fun!

Picnic Word Scramble - If you correctly solve each word on the list, you'll uncover two more picnic essentials. Different, and fun! Great for family reunions and other summertime gatherings. 

Baby Scramble Games

baby blocks and rattle

Parts of Baby's Body - A printable, simple word scramble for your next baby shower.

A to Z Baby Name Scramble - A more challenging word game based on babies' first names. Tons of fun!

See our entire collection of baby scrambles here.

Bridal Shower Scramble Games

wedding cake

While many of our free word scramble games are great for parties, here are two that we wrote especially for your next bridal shower. Enjoy!

Honeymoon Word Scramble What does every bride need to take with her on that special trip?

Bridal Word Scramble Who makes the wedding happen?

More Free Word Scramble Games

These are some of my favorite free word scramble games because they're different. Each one has a unique format or an interesting twist. Try them and see if they're your choices, too!

triangulair word game puzzle

Triangulair Scramble Word Games Can you beat our scores on this challenging, unique word scramble? Make words of four letters, and one ten-letter word from the letters in each triangle. 

More Triangulairs! If you've solved the first set, why not try this second set? Warning: These are a bit more difficult.

Mystery Word Scrambles: Try these mystery scrambles. Can you solve each word scramble puzzle? In each set of scrambled words, one of the words describes a topic. The other seven words are related to it.

Oxymoron Scramble: Here's an unusual word play scramble. Discover 20 goofy sayings we use that don't really make much sense.

guy ducking under a tent during a rainstorm

Stormy Weather Crossword! - Weather or not this is a breeze to solve, I’m sure you’ll feel right as rain when you’ve finished! Each clue in this crossword is a scrambled word related to the weather.

Books of the Bible Word Scramble People of all ages will enjoy this Bible game with a twist! Great for family night or Bible classes.

Entertainment Tonight?

movie "take one" image

1980's Movie Word Scramble Puzzle: Are you a 80's Movie Buff? If so, you have to try this one! See how many of these popular 1980's movies you can remember and unscramble!

1990's Movie Word Scramble Puzzle: Here's more movie entertainment fun. Will the newer movies be easier for you to solve? Try this list and find out!

If you get stuck trying to solve my scramble games, you may want to check out this unscrambler

Travel Time

globe highlighting Asia

Take a spin at least part way around the world with these challenging scramble puzzles! If you'd like something a bit easier, just scroll through the list to find other interesting topics.

Asian Cities Word Scramble: How well do you know your cities of the world? If you're ready for a challenge, test your knowledge of cities in Asia. Unscramble each one and name the country in which each is located.

North American Cities Try to untangle this list of sixteen cities. How many have you visited?

Check out the new Word Scramble Puzzles on my other website, www.SpellingWordsWell.com

Short Stops

tiny tree being held in a hand

Here are some short and sweet pages for younger puzzlers and those in a hurry!

So Tiny 10 scrambled words used to describe very tiny things. Can you solve them in a tiny amount of time?

Occupational Hazard: Don't miss this fun puzzle with a twist or two!

At the Zoo: One of several easy word scrambles, especially for kids.


If you like these free word scramble games, we think you'll also enjoy our collection of Anagrams! Anagrams are different words spelled with exactly the same letters. Some common examples are: name/mane, star/rates, and plate/petal.

For much more complex examples, see this fun page of Anagram Examples

Celebrity Anagrams

Two popular pages are these Celebrity Anagrams: See if you can rearrange the letters to spell the name of a current celebrity you might see on stage or in a movie.

And International Anagram: For those of you with an world-wide interest, we have a challenging list of countries and capitals for you to unscramble.

Author Ann Fisher in her office

Ann Richmond Fisher has been a published puzzle writer and educational author for more than 30 years. Ann LOVES to concoct new puzzle formats and solve word games of all kinds! Her puzzles have appeared in Highlights for Children, local newspapers, and dozens of books published by The Education Center, McGraw-Hill and more. Ann is a former classroom and homeschool teacher. See Ann's spelling website at www.spelling-words-well.com

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