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If you're looking for free baby shower printables, you've come to the right place! If you'd like a fun word scramble that's more challenging than most, try this one. (We have other easier ones, too. Just scroll down to find more links!)

To solve this puzzle, your guests add a different letter of the alphabet to each group of letters, then rearrange all the letters to spell a baby's first name. We've used both contemporary names and older names for both boys and girls.

Printable Puzzle and Answers

A + glean           Angela                            N + loan        _________________

 B + dealyr          _________________        O+ viali         _________________

 C+ trolaat           _________________        P+ icairat      _________________

 D+ thigw            _________________         Q+ niuetn     _________________

 E+ thers            _________________         R+ doah       _________________

 F+ stroer           _________________         S+ mulea      _________________

 G+ elribale         _________________         T+ raylo        _________________

 H+ arhete           _________________         U+ bran       _________________

 I+ ashia             _________________         V+ nicearo    _________________

 J+ moree           _________________         W+ theyin    _________________

 K+ raned           _________________          X+ viare        _________________

 L+ goan             _________________         Y+ nevno      _________________

 M+ lyolar           _________________         Z+ ryacah     _________________

A – Angela N – Nolan B – Bradley O – Olivia C – Carlotta P – Patricia D – Dwight Q – Quentin E – Esther R – Rhoda F – Forrest S – Samuel G – Gabrielle T – Taylor H – Heather U – Urban I – Isaiah V – Veronica J – Jerome W – Whitney K – Kendra X – Xavier L – Logan Y – Yvonne M – Mallory Z – Zachary

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As you already know, word scramble games make any shower fun, because EVERYONE can solve them. You provide the letters and guests just need to rearrange them. ANYONE can win the game!

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