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Free Baby Shower
Word Scramble

Parts of Baby's Body

baby resting in yellow basket

You'll get a kick out of this printable free baby shower word scramble! Play it at your next baby shower, or solve the page on your own.

How well do you know babies? This scramble game contains parts of a baby’s body. Try to unscramble each word here, or play the printable version at your next shower. 

Here's a peek at the printable page. The scrambled words also appear below. You'll find the answers under orange button or with the printable puzzle

Free Baby Shower Word Scramble: Baby's Body

1. inch 

2. keen 

3. slip 

4. mumyt 

5. slyehea

6. sceth 

7. tobomt 

8. ares 

9. gotune 

10. seno 

11. grifen

12. weblo 

13. triws

14. drusoleh 

15. kneal 

1. chin 2. knee 3. lips 4. tummy 5. eyelash 6. chest 7. bottom 8. ears 9. tongue 10. nose 11. finger
12. elbow 13. wrist 14. shoulder 15. ankle

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baby blocks and rattle

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A baby shower word scramble is just one kind of game that's fun to play. Please try some of the many other choices we have on the site. There's something that will be a hit with almost any group of guests!

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