Fill In Crossword Puzzles

Cartoon Characters

goofy cartoony face

Fill In Crossword Puzzles are lots of fun! Here's a cartoon themed crossword for you to complete.

Place the names of 40 cartoon and comic strip characters into this puzzle. If you've never solved a fill-in puzzle before, here are a few tips.

1) Use a pencil.

2) Use the number of letters in each word to help you.

3) Try to place words first with the fewest possibilities. In this puzzle, for example, there are only two 10-letter words. Find the places in the crossword where they will fit. Then see if other words will intersect properly with them.

4) Check off words as you use them, but don't completely obliterate them. You might just make a mistake and need to come back to them!

Printable Crossword

Printable Solution

fill-in crossword puzzle grid
fill in crossword word list

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