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Disney Crossword Puzzles

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If you're looking for Disney crossword puzzles, we think you'll enjoy solving this one. Just print this puzzle, grab some popcorn and find a pencil!

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To complete this puzzle, you'll need to add the names of characters from several different Disney movies to this crossword.

Printable Puzzle and Answers

Disney Crossword Puzzle


3. Disney star who must be home by midnight
4. Cowboy in Toy Story
7. The rat's name in Ratatouille, brother of Emile
10. Aladdin's monkey
12. The Mad____from Alice in Wonderland
13. The Lion King's wart hog friend
15. The Sultan's daughter in Aladdin
16. Boy who flies to South America in UP
18. Name of the boy in Toy Story
19. The starring lady in Beauty and the Beast
20. Owner of the house that flies away in UP


1. _____Bell, star of her own 2008 Disney movie
2. Fish who is separated from is father
5. Color of the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland
6. Space man from Toy Story
8. Lightning_____, from Cars
9. Type of cat in Alice's Wonderland
10. Little Mermaid's name
11. The Princess who kisses the frog
14. Wall E's favorite robot friend
16. A wise baboon from the Lion King
17. The Lion King's name

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Disney Crossword Puzzles, as well as any crossword, is a great learning activity. To solve one, a child must read, follow directions, and spell correctly. Speaking of which...We also have Reading Games For Kids, and Spelling Games For Kids!

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