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Free Cross Word Puzzles

U.S. Vice Presidents

portrait of LBJ

We've plenty of free cross word puzzles. Try as many as you like!

Here’s a challenging crossword for all U.S. history buffs. We’ve given you the names of 35 vice-presidents. Your job is to supply the last name of the president whom each one served.

Please note that we’ve only included clues for ONE president with each last name. So there is only one Bush, Johnson, Adams and so on. And, we’ve listed only one V.P. for each President. 

Printable Cross Word Puzzle


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1. Aaron Burr
4. Elbridge Gerry
5. William R. King
6. Chester A. Arthur
10. Thomas R. Marshall
11. Schuyler Colfax
13. Charles Curtis
15. Hannibal Hamlin
19. James S. Sherman
21. Albert A. Gore, Jr.
22. Thomas Jefferson
23. Charles W. Fairbanks
26. Hubert H. Humphrey
28. George M. Dallas
29. John Tyler
30. Alben W. Barkley
31. Richard M. Johnson
32. Lyndon B. Johnson


1. Martin Van Buren
2. William A. Wheeler
3. Charles G. Dawes
7. George H.W. Bush
8. J. Danforth Quayle
9. Calvin Coolidge
10. John Adams
12. Millard Fillmore
14. Spiro T. Agnew
16. Walter F. Mondale
17. Richard M. Nixon
18. Garret A. Hobart
20. Nelson A. Rockefeller
21. Thomas A. Hendricks
24. Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
25. John C. Breckinridge
27. Daniel D. Tompkins

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