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Crossword Puzzles Easy Enough for the Whole Family 

Let's Eat!


If you want crossword puzzles easy enough for almost anyone, we think you’ll like this one. It covers a wide assortment of well-known foods and most of them are easy to spell.

So sit down with a younger member of your family, grab some snacks, and solve away!

Let's Eat crossword puzzles easy enough for everyone!

Printable crossword puzzle

Crossword answers

Crossword Clues:

1. Ground beef patty in a bun
5. Another name for drinks
8. Large fruit with fuzzy skin and a solid pit
10. Meat from a hog's thigh
11. Frozen dairy delight (2 wds.)
14. Food grilled on skewers
18. It grows on a cob
19. Small, flat baked sweet snack
20. Green nut
22. Fresh green salad vegetable
23. What French fries are made from
26. Pickled cabbage
28. String-shaped pasta
29. Dried grapes
30. Acorn and butternut are varieties of this

2. They're good scrambled, fried or boiled
3. Fish used for salads, casseroles and sandwiches
4. Final course
6. Smooth, sweet brown food made from cacao
7. Devil's food or angel food
9. Purple root vegetable
12. Also known as a "starter"
13. Refreshing citrus drink
15. Edible green flower head eaten as a vegetable
16. Dessert with strawberries and biscuits
17. Baked dough topped with cheese and more
21. They're used for cider, sauce and pies
24. Sauce made with meat juices
25. A bulb with strong odor and flavor used in cooking
27. Spicy tomato dip

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