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Celebrity Crossword Puzzles

celebrity film footage

Here's one of our favorite Celebrity Crossword Puzzles. Supply the last name only of the actor or actress who had major roles in both films listed for each clue. This won't be too difficult for true movie buffs, right?

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Printable Puzzle and Answers

Celebrity Crossword Puzzle from www.word-game-world.com

2. Jumanji & Patch Adams
3. The Rock & National Treasure
7. Batman Returns & One Fine Day
8. Speed & The Blind Side
9. Sense and Sensibility & Stranger Than Fiction
14. Field of Dreams & Message in a Bottle
15. Mission Impossible & The War of the Worlds
16. Little Women & The Last Word
18. Nick of Time & Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
21. You've Got Mail & Kate and Leopold
24. A Few Good Men & The Bucket List
26. Beverly Hills Cop & Daddy Day Care
27. G.I. Jane & A Few Good Men
28. Pretty Woman & Mona Lisa Smile
29. The Shawshank Redemption & Driving Miss Daisy

1. Jurassic Park & Home of the Brave
4. Lethal Weapon & Braveheart
5. Ocean's Eleven & Meet Joe Black
6. Sister Act & The Color Purple
10. Apollo 13 & Cast Away
11. The Jerk & The Pink Panther
12. Raiders of the Lost Ark & The Fugitive
13. Batman Forever & Bewitched
14. The Truman Show & The Cable Guy
17. Music and Lyrics & Two Weeks Notice
19. Shakespeare in Love & Proof
20. E.T. & 50 First Dates
22. Grease & Hairspray
23. The Silence of the Lambs & Flightplan
25. Basic Instinct & Sphere

2. Robin WILLIAMS 3. Nicolas CAGE 7. Michelle PFEIFFER
8. Sandra BULLOCK 9. Emma THOMPSON 14. Kevin COSTNER 15. Tom CRUISE 16. Winona RYDER 18. Johnny DEPP 21. Meg RYAN 24. Jack NICHOLSON 26. Eddie MURPHY 27. Demi MOORE 28. Julia ROBERTS 29. Morgan FREEMAN
1. Samuel JACKSON 4. Mel GIBSON 5. Brad PITT 6. Whoopi GOLDBERG 10. Tom HANKS 11. Steve MARTIN 12. Harrison FORD 13. Nicole KIDMAN 14. Jim CARREY 17. Hugh GRANT 19. Gwyneth PALTROW 20. Drew BARRYMORE
22. John TRAVOLTA 23. Jodie FOSTER 25. Sharon STONE

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