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Movie Crossword Puzzles

One-Word Movie Titles

Hollywood movie marquee

Here's one of my movie crossword puzzles for the true movie buff! I’ve gleaned 30 one-word movie titles from the Internet Movie Database’s list of top 250 movies of all time, as judged by the website’s users.

Use the clues to find the name of each movie. Can you find the titles without going to the IMDb?

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Movie Crossword Puzzle Diagram and Instructions


2.    1996, Ewan McGregor & Ewen Bremner

4.    2000, Guy Pearce & Carrie-Anne Moss

5.    1974, Jack Nicholson & Faye Dunaway

6.    2007, Brad Garrett & Lou Romano (voices)

8.    1992, Clint Eastwood & Gene Hackman

11.  1995, Robert De Niro & Sharon Stone

15.  1996, William H. Macy & Frances McDormand

16.  1982, Ben Kingsley & Candice Bergen

20.  2009, Edward Asner & Jordan Nagai

21.  1995, Mel Gibson & James Robinson

22.  1972, Laurence Olivier & Michael Caine

25.  1979, Tom Skerritt & Sigourney Weaver

28.  1942, Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman

29.  2000, Russell Crowe & Joaquin Phoenix

celebrity film footage


1.    1995, Al Pacino & Robert De Niro

3.    2013, Hugh Jackman & Viola Davis

7.    2009, Sam Worthington & Zoe Saldana

9.    1946, Cary Grant & Ingrid Bergman

10.  1958, James Stuart & Kim Novak

12.  1984, F. Murray Abraham & Tom Hulce

13.  1990, Robert DeNiro & Ray Liotta

14.  2013, Sandra Bullock & George Clooney

17.  1940, Laurence Olivier & Joan Fontaine

18.  1986, Charlie Sheen & Tom Berenger

19.  1927, Alfred Abel & Brigitte Helm

22.  1983, Al Pacino & Michelle Pfeiffer

23.  1950, James Stuart & Josephine Hull

24.  2000, Jason Statham & Brad Pitt

26.  1960, Anthony Perkins & Janet Leigh

27.  1975, Roy Scheider & Robert Shaw

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Thanks for trying our movie crossword puzzles. While you're here, we recommend you also try some our anagrams, cryptograms and word scramble games!

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