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Commuter Crossword Puzzles


Here is one of the best commuter crossword puzzles ever! It's always a weirdly unique puzzle because every answer is spelled using only the letters in CROSSWORD PUZZLE!

You shouldn't need a crossword puzzle dictionary to solve this, making it the perfect puzzle for commuters (or anyone else, for that matter). Be sure to print out an extra copy or two to share with your co-workers.

 Printable Crossword and Answers

Commuter Crossword Puzzles from www.word-game-world.com

Commuter Crossword Puzzle Clues


1. Round wooden rod
4. Expertise or cleverness
5. Undetectable by smell
6. Rub and scrub
10. Precursor to rain
11. To fuse pieces of metal at a high temperature
14. A parasitic insect, or a contemptible person
16. Snooze
17. Courted
19. Respiratory illness featuring a hoarse cough
20. Unrefined
21. Popular dog breed
23. Throbbing
25. Coercive circumstances
28. Style and furnishing of a room
30. Describes a rechargeable appliance
31. Monetary unit in France, Italy, etc.
32. To awaken or incite


2. Musical composition
3. Good place for meats and drinks on a picnic
4. Counterfeit, bogus
7. Sour milk will do this
8. Gushed out
9. A pair
10. A filthy place or container
12. Recover a loss
13. What women used formerly to style their hair
15. Part of a mortgage payment (for taxes, etc.) that is held back until bill is due
18. Flowed or leaked out slowly
20. Two-door car with a hard top
22. Series of actions to achieve a certain result
24. Ethical standards
26. Grief
27. Fine, ground particles
29. Nil

Across: 1. dowel rod 4. prowess 5. odorless 6. scour 10. cloud
11. weld 14. louse 16. doze 17. wooed 19. croup
20. crude 21. poodle 23. pulse 25. duress 28. decor
30. cordless 31. Euro 32. rouse Down: 2. opus 3. cooler 4. pseudo 7. curdle 8. spued
9. couple 10. cesspool 12. recoup 13. curlers 15. escrow
18. oozed 20. coupe 22. process 24. scruples 26. sorrow
27. powder 29. zero

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