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Fun Word Puzzles

ZigZags 5 and 6

ZigZag Puzzles #5-6 : Fun Word Puzzles!

Exciting word games and fun word puzzles are a blast! Here are two more of our unique ZigZag puzzles. In this game you'll have to complete a set of seven-letter words to maneuver all the way to the bottom of each diagram. How long will it take you?

To solve our ZigZag puzzles, you need only to complete the spellings of seven 7-letter words. Be sure to read the complete instructions and see our completed example.

And in case you missed them, be sure to try ZigZags 3 and 4.

ZigZags 5 and 6

Printable version of ZigZags 5 and 6

ZigZag wordpuzzle
ZigZag 5
Screech, Charade, Dentist,Steeple, Leprosy, Syringe, Geology
ZigZag 6
Cupcake, Ketchup, Upstage, Gelatin, Inherit,Itemize, Zealous

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We've invented more of the wackiest word puzzles around. Try some of these original designs:

Buzzwords - Use crossword clues to search through a honeycomb maze of scrambled letters. After you complete each clue, you'll need to unscramble the special BUZZWORD. A sweet treat!

Trianagram Word Scramble Puzzle from www.word-game-world.com

Trianagrams - Spell four-letter and ten-letter words to match or beat our scores! If you like anagrams and word scrambles, you're sure to like this puzzle. 

Random Definitions: Spell answers that fit the definitions using a small set of letters. Then place the answers correctly in the diagram. Sounds easy, right?

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These fun brain games are great for all ages! As you try to solve these brain-twisting teasers, you'll have to draw upon your vocabulary, spelling and even addition skills. You'll really give your brain a workout!

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We also have a HUGE collection of free Bible games, including word searches, crosswords, variety word games, group games and Bible word puzzles for all ages.

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