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Scramble Word Games

Have fun with our unique scramble word games. Study this example. Then scroll down to play the game yourself. Can you beat our scores?

Triangulair trademark and title
triangulair example game

In this fun new word game, you must face two challenges:

  1. Spell 4-letter words that use one letter from each row. You may use the letters in any order. Score 1 point for each 4-letter word you form.
  2. Spell one 10-letter word that begins with the top letter in the triangle and uses every letter in the triangle. Score 5 points for this word.

In this example, you can form these 4-letter words, for 7 points: gait, gnat, lint, rant, tail, tang, tarn

The 10-letter word beginning with T is TRIANGULAR, for 5 points.

Total score: 12 points

Your Turn!

Go ahead and try these challenging word scrambles for yourself!

Printable version of all six scramble word games

#1 - 21 points

triangulair puzzle #1
hour, hues, hurl, lute, pour, purl, rout, rush, rust, ruts, spue, spur, suet, tour, your, yule; UPHOLSTERY

#2 - 23 points

triangulair puzzle #2
alum, lama, lame, lamp, lump, main, male, mate, maul, meat, mina, mule, mute, palm, plum, tame, tamp, team; MANIPULATE

#3 - 21 points
triangulair puzzle #3
able, ambo, atom, bail, bale, balm, beau, iota, lamb, late, malt, moat, tail, tael, tale, teal; AUTOMOBILE

#4 - 17 points
triangulair puzzle #4
alto, blot, boat, bolt, both, celt, etch, lota, talc, tech, toll, tote; TABLECLOTH

#5 - 15 points
triangulair puzzle #5
bank, bark, bray, bunk, burp, bury, carb, crab, curb, ruby; BANKRUPTCY

#6 - 22 points
triangulair puzzle #6
arcs, cans, caps, cars, coin, coir, cons, cony, cops, copy, cyan, icon, pica, racy, rocs, scan, scar; CONSPIRACY

Looking for more?

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We hope you like this fun game. It's one of our favorites!

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