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Weekly Cryptogram for August 20

Bad Animal Jokes - Set 2

Don't say I didn't warn you! Here are three more really bad animal jokes for your puzzling pleasure!

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Weekly Cryptogram for August 5


Bad Animal Jokes - Set 1

Our cryptograms weekly feature this time is not one, not two, but three corny animal jokes. Solve them at your own risk! Next time we'll have another set.

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Weekly Cryptogram for July 21

Slow Down

Take some time this summer to relax, solve this cryptogram and consider its wisdom. Don't miss the good stuff!

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Weekly Cryptogram for July 1

American flag

Happy 4th of July!

No matter where you live, I hope you'll enjoy decoding this cryptofamily of words related to this special day. 

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Don't miss our 4th of July word search puzzle!

Weekly Cryptogram for June 10

Happy Father's Day!

In case you're not yet ready for Father's Day, here are a few gift ideas!

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Weekly Cryptogram for June 3

Proficiency Defined

See if you agree with this one...

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Cryptograms Weekly for May 14

doctor studying a chart

Healthy Humor

Hopefully you've never had conversations like these with your doctor! This week's cryptograms come with a hint.

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Weekly Cryptogram for April 29

Matching Funds?

Are all financial plans equal? See what you think after you solve this fun cryptogram!

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Weekly Cryptogram for April 23

A Query Quandary

Here's a great thought for questioning minds!

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Weekly Cryptogram for April 14

Happy Easter!

In honor of the upcoming Easter Sunday, here's one of the best cryptoquotes we could possibly find!

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Weekly Cryptogram for April 1

Weighing the Difference

After you solve this cryptogram, ask yourself which one you think is more valuable. 

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Weekly Cryptogram for March 25

basketball being twirled on a fingertip

March Madness!

Here at Word Game World, we love college basketball, especially this time of year! Even if you're not a sports fan, you should be able to solve this fun cryptofamily puzzle. Go ahead,and take your best shot! (Pun intended)

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 4.  NRL   DTY






 10.   GAMO   HXAD

Weekly Cryptogram for March 19, 2014

Fashion Statement

This may not be what you're expecting, but it's a funny statement from one of the funniest women ever!

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