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Cryptogram Puzzle Treasury

Queen speaking in a cryptogram

Here's our first cryptogram puzzle for you to solve: Can you tell what the lady is saying? We'll share one possible answer at the bottom of the page.

Scroll through our lists of different kinds of cryptogram puzzles below and try a some from each category. We think you'll be back to solve them all!

Read our tips for solving cryptograms to get started. 

Cryptoquotes: Humorous or notable quotes from well-known people

  • Sixth Sense
  • Not So Tidy
  • & More
  • Get Serious!
  • Don't Bother Me
  • & More
  • All Mark Twain!

Set #4

  • Duty Calls
  • No Laughing Matter
  • & More

Set #5

  • No Time to Waste
  • What's the Rush? 
  • & More

Set #6

  • Quotes from some amazing women!

Cryptograms: Humorous or thought-provoking observations on life

  • Potpourri
  • Animal Cryptograms
  • Laughs on the Job
  • Easy Jokes & Riddles
  • For Smart People!
  • Ballot Box
  • Names
  • Fractions
  • My own quips!

Cryptofamilies: Sets of words on a related topic

This cryptogram puzzle features a list of British Royalty for you to decode. We have lots more #cryptograms here!

British Royal Family: Uncover the names of both past and present Royals 

Dressed to Dazzle: How many of these do you wear when you dress up?

old television set

TV Game Shows from the 70s / Movies from the 70s : Two fun cryptofamilies here. Take a trip down memory lane OR uncover some titles that are familiar to your parents and grandparents!

Famous Chicagoans: Any Windy City experts out there?


Smelly Stuff Cryptogram Puzzle: Just what might we put on this list? For fun, first jot down your Top Ten list. Then hold your nose decode this cryptofamily and see if any of your items made our list!

Ups and Downs: What comes up? What goes down? How long will it take you to solve these?

Road Signs: How well do you know the rules of the road?

Dirt / Cleaning Genies: First, decode ten types of dirt. (Seriously, there at least that many!) Then clean things up with a second cryptofamily that lists the brand names of ten popular cleaning products.


Weekly Cryptograms: We try to add a new cryptogram every week. Come see what's new! Many are seasonal quips and quotes.

Bible Cryptograms: Uncover the wisdom of God's Word as you decode these challenging puzzles. Share them with your Sunday School class or church group!

Why Solve a Cryptogram Puzzle?

green and yellow question mark

To solve a cryptogram, you must use logic skills, and even some trial and error. You'll also observe spelling patterns, and you'll put your spelling skills to work. You'll learn about letter and word frequency.

Plus, once you've successfully solved one of this word puzzlers, you'll be able to read an entertaining quip or observation on life. What could be more fun?

We hope you'll come back again and try some more.

The lady might be asking, "How are you?"

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