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Printable Cryptogram Puzzles

Ups and Downs - Cryptofamily

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Do you enjoy solving printable cryptogram puzzles? There are plenty for you to print and enjoy here at Word Game World.

This cryptofamily lists a number of things that rise and fall. Can you predict what some of the answers will be?

Remember that each letter represents a different letter of the alphabet. If you decide that R = J then R will always equal J. But don't assume that J = R. You'll have to use logic and you knowledge of the English language to decode the puzzle.

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More Printable Cryptogram Puzzles:

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While cryptofamilies are always fun, our cryptograms and cryptoquotes are also very entertaining. Here are a few of our favorites:

Mark Twain

For traditional cryptograms, try this set of 6 interesting witticisms with entertaining clip art.

Quotations from Mark Twain: Wisdom, witticisms and smiles await!

If you like to laugh, we recommend these Animal Humor Cryptograms.

Please note that we have tips for solving cryptograms in case you get stuck! Once you learn a few simple tricks, the rest is FUN. Cryptograms are great because you not only exercise your brain power, but you also uncover an interesting or amusing thought.

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