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Solving Anagrams

Group of scrambled wooden letter cubes

Solving Anagrams can be tough at times, but it's also fun and great exercise for the mind! If you can improve your ability to solve anagrams, you're gaining a critical skill for Scrabble, Cryptic Crosswords, Text Twist, and other other word games and puzzles.

New to Anagrams? Check out our What is an Anagram page first and come on back! We've also listed some tips to help you at the bottom of this page. Or simply get started with our unique anagram puzzles by using the links below.

Tips for Solving Anagrams

1) Write the letters out in a circle, rather than in a straight line. Some people find it easier to see and consider all the letters at once when they are arranged in this manner.

2) Write the anagram with consonants in one column and vowels in another column. This helps you to see the likely distribution of vowels in the word, as you move your eyes back and forth to create likely combinations.

3) Write out the letters in the anagram in alphabetical order. This may help you see new possibilities.

Anagrams to Solve

Now that you've read the tips for solving anagrams, check out some of our favorite anagram examples. We've even included some from the Middle Ages!

Celebrity Anagrams: See if you can rearrange the letters to spell the name of a current celebrity you might see on stage or in a movie.

FUN! Anagram Game: Find one word in each set that is anagram-able. Then come up with a sentence using both words. How high will you score?

International Anagram: For those of you with an world-wide interest, we have a challenging list of countries and capitals for you to unscramble.

Anagram List: Here's a list of some perfect anagrams from The Anagram Dictionary by Michael Curl, published by Macmillan Publishers, LTD., 1982. A portion of each solution is given.

Name Anagrams: We've listed anagrams for the names of famous scientists, inventors and world leaders. Great for puzzlers who are into history!

Create Your Own Name Anagram: Create an anagram of your name. See what interesting words and/or word combos you can come up with. Share your results with our visitors!

Dynamites puzzle

Dynamites: Try to anagram our 9-letter words. This is a unique kind of word anagram you won't find anywhere else.

If you get really stuck solving my anagrams, you may want to try this unscrambling tool

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