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Target Time!

Educational reading games are still useful for upper elementary grades. However, students at this age don’t want to play something that looks like it’s designed for a first grader.

Here is a game that’s simple to play and yet “mature” enough for middle grade students. Note that this game format can be used for a variety of reading skills.

Target with arrow in the bullseye

Skill: Reading fluency**

Grade level: 5-6

Players: 2-4

Objective: Be the first player to reach the Bulls-Eye

Supplies: PDF game board, a game piece for each player, text from basal readers, textbooks, library books, articles, or other sources.

To play:
1. Print the target PDF game board. Print the target game board. Assign the text of your choice. Each player should have a copy of the same material so they can check each other’s work. Also decide if you want students to practice reading sentences or entire paragraphs with fluency.

2. Each player puts his game piece on the outer ring.

3. Player 1 reads the first sentence/paragraph. If he reads it smoothly without any mistakes, he advances to the second ring.
If he makes a mistake, he stays on the outer ring.

4. The other players follow in turn.

5. The first player to make it to the bulls-eye wins the round and earns 1 point.

6. Play several rounds. The player with the most points is the winner.

**Use this same simple format to design other fun reading games of your own.

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