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Free Phonics Games

These free phonics games will help your early learners practice short and long vowel sounds. At the same time, they're competing and having fun! Try all the primary reading games on our site.

Game #1 - Let's Sort It Out!

cartoon kid playing in a big pile of colorful balls

Skill: Phonics - short and long vowel sounds

Grade level: K-2

Players: 3

Objective: Correctly sort word cards by vowel sound

Supplies: PDF short/long vowel word cards, long/short category cards, and answer key Click here to print game cards in pdf.

To play:

1. Print the pdf picture cards, category cards and answer keys. Laminate. Cut the picture cards apart. Cut the category cards into strips along the dotted lines. Note: Begin with only the short vowel categories and cards, or just the long vowel categories and cards.

2. Two players compete against each other. The third player checks answers. Children can play several rounds and take turns being the Checker.

3. The players begin with matching category cards. Each player uses his own set of picture cards, to match his category card.

5. On a signal, each player looks at his picture card, says the picture word, and places the card under a category.

6. The Checker notes which player finishes first. When both players are done, the Checker inspects the sorting done by both players.

7. The player with the most correct answers wins. In the event of a tie, the player who finished first wins the round.

Near the beginning of the game, a player’s area might look like this:

sample playing board

Note: The picture cards can be used to make up more of your own free phonics games.

Game #2 - I See, I Hear

young girl detective

Here's a fun, free phonics game for the entire class. It requires NO preparation and can be used as a filler activity in spare moments throughout the day.

Skill: Phonics

Grade level: K-2

Players: small group or entire class

Objective: Correctly guess an object in the room, based on its sound.

Supplies: none

To Play:

Play this game much like I Spy. The teacher begins, "I see something in the room that begins with same sound as rug. Students might guess ruler, ribbon, reading book, and so on.

The first student to guess the object the teacher chose selects the next item.

This can be played with beginning sounds, ending sounds and vowel sounds.

More Free Phonics Games & Reading Games

rabbit dreaming of a big carrot

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