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Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook

NEW! My Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook is packed with 20 all-new puzzles on lots of topics! It was written especially for those of you who love to visit this website.

Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook cover

That's right! My kids printable crosswords are among the busiest pages on the website. Why? Maybe because kids of all ages like to solve and COMPLETE an entire crossword puzzle on their own. That brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I've also noticed that parents and teachers love to print these out, too! Why? Crosswords are a fun way to provide extra practice in spelling, reading and vocabulary.

So please check this Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook , and ENJOY!

Crossword Puzzles for Kids, pp15-16
Crossword Puzzles for Kids, pp47-48

 These crosswords are best for kids in approximately grades 3-5.

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Parents Will Love...

  • The wide variety of topics, including these titles: Sports Report, Musical Instruments, Round and Round, Jiggling and Wiggling, What's First? and many more
  • While kids are completing these topics, they're also "working" on vocabulary and spelling skills
  • The FUN factor!

Teachers Will Love...

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that differentiation is built in!!!

Sixteen of the twenty puzzles are already written with two levels of difficulty.   Here's one example.

Think of a Word

"Think of a Word" Crossword Puzzle

"Think of a Word" is one of my favorite puzzles in the new Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook. For this puzzle, there is one diagram, but two different "Clues" pages.

Crossword puzzle clues and word box
Crossword puzzle clues

To explain the difference, let's look at the first clue:

Can you think of a word that rhymes with CLAM and is the name of a young sheep?

Yes, the answer is LAMB. 

If you use the "Clues" page on the left, students will be able to choose the word LAMB from the word box. If you use the "Clues" page on the right, your students will need to figure out that word and its spelling on their own. Of course, not all of the answers are this easy. (As with any exercise, always solve the activity before you assign it.)

Colorful Code Crossword

This crossword has just one set of clues. All kids will use the same letter code to spell the names of 15 different color words.

Colorful Code crossword puzzle diagram
Colorful Code crossword puzzle clues

See More Samples from the Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook

View or print these sample pages and take a closer look for yourself. See the benefits, and the fun, packed inside each one of these 20 crossword puzzles for kids!

View Sample Pages Here

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author Ann Richmond Fisher

Hi! I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, owner of and writer for this website and www.spelling-words-well.com. Thanks for stopping by to consider this awesome new collection of FUN crossword puzzles for kids! As a former classroom and home school teacher, and a longtime educational writer, I know what kids like and I know how to make learning FUN!

Please CONTACT ME if you have any questions about this product or anything else across my website. 

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