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Reading Comprehension Games

Question and Answer Jokes!
3 Variations

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This set of reading comprehension games uses humor, which is a sure way to guarantee the games will be fun for your students. When students laugh at the jokes they read, you know they understand them.

We’ve designed a set of joke cards featuring 20 questions and 20 answers and 3 ways to use them.

All 3 reading comprehension games require students to read a joke on the Q card, and then find an answer on an A card that answers each question.

To get started, print the Q and A joke cards. Then choose the game that works best for you.

Also note that it is easy to repeat these reading comprehension games many times by playing with new joke cards that you can make yourself.

Game # 1  Ask Me

hand holding four blue cards

Use all 40 of our printable cards for this super-fun game for 4 players. Shuffle and pass them out. Players should not show their cards to each other. Each player looks at the cards in his hand and takes out any matches.

Player 1 selects one of her cards for which she wants to find a match. She decides which player to ask for the match. For example, Player 1 (Sara) might ask another player, “Tom, do you have the answer to, 'What bow can't be tied?'"

Tom reads through his answer cards. If he has the card that says, 'A rainbow', he must give it to Sara. She sets the pair of cards aside. Then she might ask Tom or Susie, “Do you have the question for 'He was a little horse'? Again, if the player being asked has the card, he must give it to Sara.

If the player does not have the card for which he is asked, Sara’s turn is over, and the next player asks a question.

If players are reading and understanding their own joke cards, they will be able to ask good questions and move the game along. For instance, suppose Tom did not have the card that says 'A rainbow', but Susie did. On Susie’s next turn, she can ask Sara if she has the question for which 'A rainbow' is the answer.

Game #2  Memory Match

smiley face, questioning and thinking

In this game for 2 players, select up to 10 matching Questions and Answers. Shuffle the cards and place them face down in 4 rows of 5 cards each.

The first player turns over two cards at a time. Both players read the cards. If he has both a Q and an A card, and the A card answers the question, he keeps the cards. Then he turns over two more cards.

If the cards do not match, he returns them to their same places. Both players try to remember what is written on both cards and the position of the cards.

The second player repeats the procedure until all the matches have been made. At the end of the game, the player with the most matches is the winner.

Note: One player can also play this as a “Solitaire” game.

Game #3   Old Maid

Old Maid

Remove just one of the answer cards from the set. Shuffle the remaining 39 cards and deal to 3 or 4 players. Players should not show their cards to each other.

Each player looks at the cards in his hand and takes out any matching Q and A cards.

The first player chooses a card from the player on his left. If it matches one of his, he sets both cards aside. If it doesn’t match, he keeps it.

The next player selects a card from the player on his left, and so on. The game ends when no more matches can be made.

The player left holding the only unmatched card is the winner.

More Reading Comprehension Games

Here are two more games you might enjoy. Use the link at the bottom of this page to find a listing of even more.

Quick Draw - Free Reading Game: Kids must follow directions and draw simple objects correctly. Accurate reading comprehension is a must! Students can add additional directions, making this a game to reuse throughout the school year. Grades 2-4

What's Missing and News Clues Two comprehension games for your upper elementary students to play in small groups.

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