Blank Crossword Puzzles

Now you can make your own own crosswords using our template for blank crossword puzzles. We've provided instructions and a template to help you.

Print Instructions

Print blank crossword

Our template is a great tool to help you make your own crossword. This puzzle uses a lot of short words, so even beginning puzzle-writers can successfully create an original crossword.

Just follow these instructions to create your own puzzle.
  1. Open the attached PDF and print it. Use it as a practice page.
  2. Write your own clues and answers to fill the crossword puzzle diagram.
  3. To create a new blank puzzle to share, return to our PDF.
  4. In Adobe Acrobat, go to Tools, click on Select & Zoom, then Snapshot tool.
  5. Select only the blank puzzle grid. This copies the diagram to the clipboard.
  6. Open a new document in Word, or another word processing program. Paste.
  7. Type your clues below the puzzle.
  8. Add a title above the puzzle.
  9. Print or email copies (with or without your answers) for your family and friends to enjoy!
  10. blank crossword puzzle template
    blank crossword puzzle clues template

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