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Super Sleuths

detective in a trench coat with a magnifying glass

You can download crossword puzzles for free here at Word-Game-World. All of our puzzles are printable for your convenience. Use the links at the left and at the bottom of this page to find all sorts of fun, free crossword puzzles. We recommend you begin with this entertaining crossword:

Super Sleuth Crossword

If you can spy out the names of some of my famous fictional detectives, and if you know a bit about how they do their jobs, then (theoretically) you’ll have no trouble with this entertaining crossword!  Note: Some were invented a long time ago, even before I was born, but you'll hopefully have heard their names.

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Super Sleuth Crossword Diagram


1.     Inspector who tries to solve Pink Panther cases

3.     Carolyn Keene’s teenage female detective (2 wds)

5.     NCIS star character’s last name

6.     Investigators dust crime scenes for these

8.     Belgian sleuth created by Agatha Christie (2 wds)

9.     The headquarters of the Metropolitan Police in London

13.   A guess or feeling not based on facts

14.   Reason why a person does something or acts in a certain way

17.   Used to spy from a distance

18.   A piece of evidence that helps the detective solve a crime

magnifying glass

19.   Agatha Christie’s elderly spinster sleuth (2 wds)

23.   Spies like to use this kind of ink

29.   TV detective played by Andy Griffith

31.   The opposite of guilty

34.   To use logical reasoning to find an answer

35.   The statement of a witness under oath in court

36.   Term for the practice of spying

37.   Something that is unknown

bunch of yellow bananas


2.     Person who may have committed a crime

4.     Information given to prove an accused person was not at a crime scene

6.     Last name of TV detective played by Angela Lansbury

7.     TV show with Maxwell Smart and Agent 99

10.   Early comic strip detective (2 wds)

11.   American private investigator invented by Raymond Chandler (2 wds)

12.   Fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (2 wds)

15.   Perhaps the first great American fiction writer of detective stories (3 wds)

16.   To encode a message

17.   Tiny hidden microphones

20.   TV P.I. played by Tom Selleck

21.   A crime happens when this is broken


22.   A surveillance of a location by police officers

24.   To ask questions of a person to seek answers or information

25.   Person who is harmed by a crime

26.   Detective who first appeared in The Maltese Falcon (2 wds)

27.   Young fictional detectives Joe and Frank (2 wds)

28.   Breed of dog sometimes used to track criminals

30.   Person who saw something related to a crime

32.   TV detective played by Peter Falk

33.   TV show with Mulder & Scully

35.   What all witnesses must tell in court

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