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New York Times Crossword
Puzzles Trivia

The New York Times Crossword puzzles are most popular crosswords in the world. They're featured in over 300 newspapers!

How much do you know about the history of this puzzle,and the specifications for writing one? Find out as you solve this engaging crossword.

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2. Day on which the largest puzzle appears
6. The motivation for the Times to begin running crosswords, more than 20 years after they were popular, was the bombing of ____.
7. Puzzles can be rotated 180 degrees and retain the same pattern of black squares because they have ____.
8. The easiest puzzle of the week is on this day.
9. The NYT Crossword puzzle is a regular ____ in over 300 newspapers.
13. A second type of puzzle that runs on some Sundays
15. If a clue ends in a question mark, it usually means the answer is a play on words, or a ___.
16. A puzzling, ambiguous clue is called this.
17. You'll need this if you make mistakes while solving the puzzle.
18. According to the NYT online spec sheet, the number of dollars paid to the writer of a Sunday crossword


1. Current editor of the NYT crossword puzzles
2. NYT publisher who first decided to start running the crossword,Arthur Hays _____.
3. The Times ran its first crossword in February of nineteen hundred ___-two
4. Popular TV game show that has featured clues from the NYT
5. The maximum number of words in a daily puzzle is ____-two.
7. The most difficult puzzle of the week is on this day.
_10. Most puzzles are written around a specific ____.
11. According to the New York Times Crossword Puzzle online spec sheet, the number of dollars paid to the writer of a daily crossword
12. Avenue on which the NYT is located
14. Number of squares in a row for a daily crossword

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