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Free Online Crossword Puzzles

Restaurant Review

smiling waiter with towel and dish

Order up! Our free online crossword puzzles are fun to solve, at almost any age. After you've finished the delightful puzzle here, please check out the links at the left or at the bottom of the page to find more crosswords in our huge collection.

Restaurant Review Crossword Puzzle

Check your restaurant I.Q. by solving these clues about cooking, serving and dining in a restaurant. 

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Restaurant Review crossword puzzle
chef who LOVES to cook


1.    Another word for "tip"

3.    A group of people who eat together

6.    Liquid topping for salads

8.    How to order coffee with no cream

10.  Dish served as the main course of a meal

11.  Printed list of food that a restaurant serves

13.  Dry flavoring added to food

15.  Bread, salad or vegetable eaten with a meal (2 wds)

16.  First course of the meal

19.  Sauces, such as mustard, that are added for flavoring

21.  Last course of a meal, often sweet

22.  Remove food from the freezer to thaw

24.  Amount of food served for one person

25.  Money give to staff for good service

26.  Tools for eating

29.  Cooked meat that is pink inside

30.  Seating with cushioned benches on two sides of a table

31.  Staff member who collects customers' money

32.  Edible liquids

33.  You ask for this at the end of the meal

34. Dishes suitable for Muslims

35.  List of groups waiting to be seated (2 wds.)

cartooy distinguished waiter


2.  An arrangement made with a restaurant, in advance, to eat there at a specific time

4.  Food ordered to be eaten at home

5.  Warm to soften, as with cheese or butter

7.  Dishes suitable for people who don't eat meat, fish, eggs or cheese

9.  Free of charge

12. Food rolled and cooked in bread crumbs

14. Food suitable for those who don't eat meat

15. Person who takes your order and brings your food

17. Not spicy

18. Dishes suitable for Jewish people

19. Professionally-trained person who prepares the food

20. Long hollow plastic stick used for drinking

22. Take-home container for unfinished food (2 wds)

23. Clothing that a staff member must wear

24. Outdoor seating

27. Fresh-cooked dishes of the day, usually offered at a reduced price

28. Food added to a plate for appearance or color

30. Self-serve table of food where customers choose their own food

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