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Sometimes we all need some word scramble help, no matter how much experience we have with word play. Here are a few tips to aid you in untangling any confusing group of letters.

Word Scramble Tips

  1. Work with the hardest consonants first. The consonants in the English language, in order from least to most frequently are:Q, Z, X, J, K, V, B, G, W, Y, F, P, M, C, L, D, H, G, S, N, TSo if your group of scrambled letters contains Q, Z, X, J, and so on, work with those letters first. Try to find other letters to go with them to form a familiar word or syllable.
  2. Look for consonant combinations. Some examples are TH, BL, and WR.Note that many common blends contain the letters S, R or L.S: SK, SL, SM, SN, SP, SQU, ST, SWR: BR, CR, DR, FR, GR, PR, TR, CHR, SCR, STR, THRL: BL, CL, FL, GL, PL, SL, SPL, SCL(Note: This is not a complete list.)
  3. Look for common word endings. Many words, as you know, end in ING, ION, ER, or ED. There are also consonant combinations such as TCH and GHT that come at the end of words.
  4. Consider the topic. If you know the theme for a list of scrambled words, think about all the words you already know in that category. This would be helpful, for example, in our Asian Cities scramble game. You might expect to find TOKYO and BEIJING, and you’d be right. After solving as many cities as possible, you could get out a map or almanac and look for more cities to match our scrambled list. Some people consider this “cheating,” but it’s really up to you.

Ready to Go?

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