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Jumble Word Games

Fruit & Veggie Frenzy

basket of fresh vegetables

Jumble word games are very popular! Why? Usually, it's because you already have all the letters, and you simply need to arrange them in the correct order. BUT, that's not the case here, and you won't find too many jumble games like this one! Are you up to this tasty challenge?

To solve this page, you need to add one letter to the word in each line. Then rearrange all the letters to spell the name of a fruit or vegetable.

HINT: It may be helpful to quickly make a list of common fruits and vegetables before you start to solve the page. Then, if you get stuck on a certain item, you can refer to your starting list to look for sets of letters that are similar to words you already listed.

Example: plea

Answer: Add the letter p and spell apple.

Now try this list! How long will it take you solve all fifteen? You can find the answers at the printable link above, or behind the orange button below.  Here's a peek at the printable page. The full text also appears below for your convenience. 

Fruit and Veggie Frenzy - a fun, unique word jumble puzzle from www.spelling-words-well.com

Printable word puzzle and answers

Fruit & Veggie Frenzy Word List:

1. noon

2. page

3. tee

4. chains

5. nab

6. ump

7. rap

8. chap

9. if

10. groan

11. nor

12. elm

13. raids

14. eat

15. moan

1. onion 2. grape 3. beet 4. spinach 5. bean 6. plum 7. pear 8. peach 9. fig 10. orange 11. corn 12. lime 13. radish 14. date 15. mango

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