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Bible Crosswords 

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

How much do you know about one of the most famous events in the Bible? Bible crosswords are a fun way to find out! 

There are three ways to play:

1) Use the link below to print out the entire puzzle and clues.

2) Or guess your way through this and check your answers without printing it.

3) Or play the online version.

It's a fun--and educational--Bible puzzle for all ages!

Printable Crossword

Printable Answers

Bible Crosswords Puzzle
Noah's Ark Bible crossword

If you need help, go to Genesis, Chapters 6-9. We consulted the NASB version when writing the clues.


1. The animals were male and ___.
2. Noah built this after leaving the ark
5. What the dove brought back in her beak (2 wds.)
7. Number of each kind of clean animal taken on the ark
11. Noah was a ___ man, blameless in his time.
14. Noah did ___ that God had commanded him.
15. Second type of bird Noah sent out from the ark
17. Precipitation
18. He closed the door of the ark (2 wds.)
21. What Noah used to coat the ark
23. Number of times rain had fallen on the earth, previous to Noah
25. God established His __ with Noah and his descendants.


1. Noah was spared because he found ___ with God.
3. Sign of God's promise to never flood the earth again
4. The ark had lower, second and third ___.
6. Number of days and nights it rained
8. Noah's age when the floodwaters came (2 wds.)
9. Type of wood used for the ark
10. As water subsided, the ark rested on these mountains
12. Noah's sons were Shem, Ham, and __.
13. God's post-flood: Be fruitful and ___.
16. Pre-flood: The Lord saw that the ___ of man was great on earth.
19. Number of every kind of unclean animal on the ark
20. Number of people on the ark
22. Unit of measurement used in building the ark
24. God's post-flood words: Do not eat flesh with its __.

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