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Printable Word Games for Kids

Let's Make a Sandwich!


Try some of our printable word games for kids. We have a bunch! On this page you'll find an easy scramble game with just 10 words. Can your child discover the sandwich word in each set of letters and spell it correctly?

For best results, print out the word list and have your child write the answers in the blanks included in the pdf.

Printable word game and answers

Word List:

1. d r a b e                               

2. c l u t e e t                            

3. o o m a t t                            

4. k r y u t e                             

5. u p e n a t   t r u b e t    

6. e y l j l                                  

7. d r u m t a s                         

8. e s h e c e                           

9. f e b e                                  

10. g l o o n a b

1. bread 2. lettuce 3. tomato 4. turkey 5. peanut butter 6. jelly 7. mustard 8. cheese 9. beef 10. bologna

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