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Easy Word Scramble

At the Zoo

monkey hanging from a tree

Here's an easy word scramble that's fun for kids of all ages to solve! When you've completed this one, be sure to try more of our free simple word scrambles.

Easy Word Scramble - At the Zoo


Think about all the animals you might see at the zoo. Then see if we've included those in our list. On the printable page, write each word correctly on your page. Or solve the puzzle without pencil and paper, then check your answers below. (Hint: One of the words is NOT an animal.)

Printable Easy Word Scramble

Word List:

 1. n o i l                                    

 2. g r i t e                                 

 3. b a r e z                               

 4. k n o y m e                    

 5. t h e l e a n p                       

 6. t o g a                                  

 7. s c e g a                              

 8. l a s e                                   

 9. c a p c o e k                         

10. r o l a p    r b a e

1. lion 2. tiger 3. zebra 4. monkey 5. elephant 6. goat 7. cages 8. seal 9. peacock 10. polar bear

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