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Free Word Scramble

Just Desserts

delectable-looking chocolate layer cake

It's time to have some fun and enjoy a free word scramble! See if you can unscramble these sweet treats and desserts. This is a perfect game for a bridal shower, or any get together with anyone!

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage, along with a piece of dessert and enjoy yourself. An * indicates the answer is made of more than one word.

Printable Free Word Scramble

Dessert Word Scramble
  1. GEFDU
  7. RETTO
  11. RALICE
  21. TOUND
1.fudge 2.cookies 3.parfait 4.ice cream 5.brownie 6.key lime pie 7.torte 8.spumoni 9.tapioca 10.soufflé 11.éclair 12.custard 13.apple crisp 14.ambrosia 15.baked Alaska 16.rice pudding 17.cherry cobbler 18.milkshake 19.orange sherbet 20.angel food cake 21.donut 22.hot fudge sundae

Would you like a drink with that?

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There's something for everyone here at Word-Game-World!

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