Is your brain ready for a workout? Cryptoquips are lots of fun, and they are also good for keeping the brain sharp!

Cryptogram puzzles are some of the best word games around! We have lots of these in many formats and categories here at Word-Game-World.

Cryptoquotes - Set #2

This set of cryptogram puzzles features short quotations from an interesting assortment of people. We'll give you some clues in the titles and brief descriptions, but otherwise you'll have to rely on your problem-solving, logic and decrypting skills to uncover each quote.Your effort will pay off when you read the answers!

If you'd like a bit of help before you begin, please read our tips for solving cryptograms. Note that single-letter words are likely to be I or A. Three-letter words are often THE, AND, FOR, ARE or BUT.

Get Serious: If you joke around a lot, don't expect to be taken seriously on one important matter!

Don't Bother Me: So you think you're busy? Think about how busy this guy used to be?!

A Couple of Thoughts: Here are two interesting quotations about THOUGHTS, from two very different men.

Advantage? Is it always an advantage to aim high? See what this famous writer once said.

More Cryptogram Fun

For more quotations by famous people, try this reasonably-priced, well-organized collection by Harper's: The Harper Book of Quotations 3rd Edition

Please note that in addition to cryptoquotes, we also have cryptograms  and cryptofamilies, which are lists of ten related words. Here are some of our most popular puzzles from each category:

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We think you'll enjoy solving each cryptoquip above. Remember that you'll need to use your knowledge of the English language, letter patterns, letter frequencies, and a little luck to uncover the special message in each puzzle. Good spelling skills are helpful, too!

Solving cryptograms are twice the fun as many other word games. Do you know why? First, you get to put your word play and logic skills to the test. Secondly, you will uncover a clever or funny quote or observation on life.

Please check back again because we'll be adding more interesting quotes, quips and witticisms to our cryptogram collection!

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Did you know? The first cryptograms were not written for puzzling enjoyment, but for encrypting military secrets.

What's your favorite kind of word game? What are your favorite puzzle topics? Please contact us and let us know!

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