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Cryptoquote Puzzle


Ready, set, let's go -- and give that brain a workout. Solving a cryptoquote can actually help you stay mentally sharp. And, solving word puzzles is FUN!

Our quotation puzzles will exercise your brain and entertain you in two ways. First you'll decode the encrypted letters. Secondly, you'll uncover an interesting witticism, spoken by someone with whom you're familiar.

You'll find other sets of encrypted quotations on this site. The pearls of wisdom are only loosely organized into themes. On this page, for instance, the quotes aren't about sports at all. But one of them is from a famous coach.

Cryptoquotes - Set #5

If you need a few pointers before diving into these quotations, please read our tips for solving cryptograms.

Select a title to find the printable puzzle and solution.

Coach's Wisdom: This quote is not about sports, but it's from one of the best basketball coaches ever.

S T E ’ L    R A L    X B U L    C T K    P U E E T L    S T

Z E L A Y G A Y A     X Z L B     X B U L    C T K  

P U E     S T.

                              --- H T B E      X T T S A E

Great Wall of China

Wisdom from the Orient: More sage words, from a very different source.

M G    S M T    Z Q U Q    Z    B W G Q H F T L   

F Q    Z    C T T V   C T P    C F D G   

O F L W H G Q.    M G    S M T    E T G Q   

L T H   Z Q U   Z    B W G Q H F T L   

P G O Z F L Q    Z    C T T V  C T P G D G P.

                       ---A M F L G Q G    I P T D G P X

red alarm clock

No Time to Waste: Motivational thought to get you moving. Note: this quotation uses the same code as "What's the Rush?," so you may want to print them out and solve them together.

ML   MP   CFSS   LA    OF   IN    OFVADF   




---EDMPLALSF    (384-322 B.C.)

What's the Rush? A wonderful quotation in direct opposition to the one above. Note: this quotation uses the same code as "No Time to Waste," so you may want to print them out and solve them together.



EYB    OF    EPSFFN    ESS    BEG.

---JELLTFC    TFYDG    (1662-1714)

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We think you'll enjoy solving each cryptoquip above. Remember that you'll need to use your knowledge of the English language, letter patterns, letter frequencies, and a little luck to uncover the special message in each puzzle. Good spelling skills are helpful, too!

Solving cryptograms are twice the fun as many other word games. Do you know why? First, you get to put your word play and logic skills to the test. Secondly, you will uncover a clever or funny quote or observation on life.

Please check back again because we'll be adding more interesting quotes, quips and witticisms to our cryptogram collection!

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Thanks for trying out each Cryptoquote Puzzle above. We hope you'll be back soon for lots more printable puzzle fun from Word-Game-World!

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