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Free Printable Cryptograms

Set 2 - The Animal Kingdom

Word puzzle lovers will love the free printable cryptograms on this site. Have a look around and enjoy!

cartoon shark

The animal kingdom provides us with entertainment, companionship, and intrigue. And on this cryptogram page, animals provide us with a variety of humorous encrypted fun!

The titles provide a small hint to the encrypted messages. The title links will take you to printable versions of each puzzle and solution.

As always, if you need a bit of help, be sure to consult our tips for solving cryptograms.

Free Printable Animal Cryptograms

Oink-Oink!: A warm conversation between two hogs. Here's a peek at our first puzzle:

Oink! Oink! is one of our free printable cryptograms featuring animals.

Bad Animal Jokes 1 Don't say we didn't warn you! These three corny critter jokes are sure to make you chuckle, groan or throw your hands up in the air, depending on your sense of humor! All three use the same encryption.

Bad Animal Jokes 2 If you think you can handle it, here are three more really bad animal jokes. All three of them use the same code.

Lofty Advice

: An extremely practical -- and humorous -- suggestion!

Animal Lessons: Two animal cryptograms that use the same code, "Copy Cat?" and "Actions Speak Louder"

Have One of Your Own?

green and yellow question mark

Do you have a favorite quip, quote or joke about animals? Please send it to us and we just might feature it in our next animal cryptogram!

More Free Printable Cryptograms

doctor holding a clipboard and stethoscope

Hopefully, you had so much fun with the cryptograms here that you'll want to try some more. (Note: Not all of ours are this corny!)

Here are a few more for you to try:

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We also have Cryptoquotes, including:


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Brain Teasers, Anyone?

smiling active brain

While you're here, please take some time to try our challenging free brain games. We have some for children and for adults on all sorts of interesting topics!

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