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New Cryptograms Weekly!

Calendar page

You'll find new cryptograms weekly on this page. Look for clever or amusing cryptogram puzzles frequently.

I like to find clever witticisms, old proverbs, quirky jokes or just interesting observations on life, and then turn them into cryptograms.

Weekly Cryptogram for April 9, 2021

question mark on a chalkboard

Here's a great thought for questioning minds.

Printable Version and Solution

Cryptogram weekly - A Query Quandary

Weekly Cryptogram for March 29, 2021

In honor of the upcoming Easter Sunday, here's one of the best cryptograms I could write! Decode this quotation related to the true meaning of this holy day.

Printable Version and Solution

Easter Cryptogram from www.word-game-world.com

I've written some tips for solving cryptograms if you're new to these fun puzzles or need to brush up on your puzzle-solving skills. 

Weekly Cryptogram for March 22, 2021

It Could Be Worse

Seriously, it could...! Solve this cryptogram and you'll see what I mean!

Printable Version & Solution

Weekly Cryptogram for March 15, 2021


I just couldn't resist a St. Patrick's Cryptofamily for this cryptograms weekly feature! With a wee bit of luck, you'll crack this list in no time at all!

Printable Version and Solution

Example: Blarney

St. Patrick's Cryptofamily

Here's a second cryptogram for the week, included on the same pdf as the puzzler above. This one uses a new code.  

Cryptograms Weekly for March 8, 2021

balance scales with question marks

Weighing the Difference

After you solve this cryptogram, ask yourself which one you think is more valuable.

Printable Version & Answer

I hope you enjoy solving these crptograms as much as I enjoy writing them! If you have a short clever quip that you think would make a good cryptogram, please send it to me using this contact form

Thanks for visiting our weekly puzzle page! Please note that we have lots more cryptoquotes, cryptograms and cryptofamilies listed here.

Here's just a sample of a few of our popular cryptofamilies:

British Royal Family: Uncover the names of both past and present Royals, including some you may have forgotten about!

Dressed to Dazzle: How many of these do you wear when you dress up?

TV Game Shows from the 70s / Movies from the 70s :  There are two fun cryptofamilies here. Take a trip down memory lane OR uncover some titles that are familiar to your parents and grandparents!

Famous Chicagoans: Any Windy City experts out there?

Ups and Downs: What comes up? What goes down? See if your items are on my list. 

I also have a lot of puzzling anagrams and free word scramble games I think you'll enjoy!

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