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Free Cryptograms

If you're looking for free cryptograms, we think you'll enjoy these! We used some great quotations from the very quotable Mark Twain to write the puzzles on this page. Twain had great insight into human nature as well as a fantastic sense of humor.

As you solve these cryptograms you'll not only be giving your brain a good workout, you'll also be chuckling at least a bit.

If you're new to the world of cryptogram word games, check out how to solve cryptograms.

Cryptoquotes - Set #3

A Raging Battle?
What one of our favorite humorists thinks about a certain kind of conflict.

Printable version

Y H B S    D W    S L U   C U X B U S   D W

C F X X U C C   A M    G A W U    A C    S D   U H S

Z L H S    E D F   G A V U     H M P     G U S    S L U

W D D P   W A T L S   A S     D F S    A M C A P U.

True Confession
A very honest look at the human condition

Printable version



C    AGCT.

A Poor Man's Observation  Another honest appraisal that you're just gonna love! This uses the same code as "True Confessions."

Printable version





Look Who’s Bragging

Printable version






Here are two more you won't want to miss:

smiling active brain

Mind Control? What about all those crazy thoughts that constantly bombard all of us?

Mind Games: What's a person really like?

More Free Cryptogram Resources


Please note that in addition to cryptoquotes, we also have free cryptograms  and cryptofamilies, which are lists of ten related words. Here are some of our most popular puzzles from each category:

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We think you'll enjoy solving each free cryptogram above. Remember that you'll need to use your knowledge of the English language, letter patterns, letter frequencies, and a little luck to uncover the special message in each puzzle. Good spelling skills are helpful, too!

Solving cryptograms are twice the fun as many other word games. Do you know why? First, you get to put your word play and logic skills to the test. Secondly, you will uncover a clever or funny quote or observation on life.

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