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Cryptoquotes :
Word Play At Its Best!

man shouldering a large weight

Solving cryptoquotes gives the brain a good workout! We think you'll especially enjoy solving the ones here.

Remember that in all cryptograms, each letter shown represents another letter of the alphabet. For example, X might represent J. That doesn’t mean that J represents X. But it does mean that every X will always represent J within the same puzzle.

Cryptoquotes - Set #4

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A Heavy Load

Some are called to carry a lot of weight. Uses the same code as "Duty Calls."



          --  XCWXLG    FTWWMLN

Duty Calls

Sometimes you just can't walk away. Uses the same code as "A Heavy Load."

ET    HMO'G     XPHMJX    GFX    



         --  MWLMFMB   CZOHECO

No Laughing Matter

Sometimes the alternative is so bad that you just have to laugh!

M B P R     P R O    G O Y L G J C      A P L Y B E    P R Y P   

B A    J X K E    Z O    E B U R P    Y E S     S Y T ,   B G    B

S B S    E K P    C Y J U R    B     A R K J C S    S B O.

                               --- Y W L Y R Y Z     C B E V K C E

He Ought to Know

Secrets to success revealed by someone who followed them.





                           ---QUPHDY LWOYPC

More Cryptogram Fun

Please note that in addition to cryptoquotes, we also have free cryptograms  and cryptofamilies, which are lists of ten related words. Here are some of our most popular puzzles from each category:

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We think you'll enjoy solving each cryptoquip above. Remember that you'll need to use your knowledge of the English language, letter patterns, letter frequencies, and a little luck to uncover the special message in each puzzle. Good spelling skills are helpful, too!

Solving cryptograms are twice the fun as many other word games. Do you know why? First, you get to put your word play and logic skills to the test. Secondly, you will uncover a clever or funny quote or observation on life.

Please check back again because we'll be adding more interesting quotes, quips and witticisms to our cryptogram collection!

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