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Here's an easy word search puzzle about an important, everyday topic: E-mail!

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It’s always fun to find new messages in your inbox – unless, of course, you’ve received a bunch of junk mail or spam!

See how quickly in you can find words in this easy word search, which contains just 20 words. Answers can read left, right, up, down or diagonally.

Be sure to do another puzzle or two from our site before you return to your own inbox!

Printable puzzle and answers

Word List:

  1. attachment
  2. carbon copy
  3. compose
  4. delete
  5. folders
  6. forward
  7. gmail
  8. hotmail
  9. inbox
  10. junk mail

11. read

12. recipient

13. send

14. sender

15. spam

16. subject

17. tags

18. trash


20. yahoo

Please note that you can view the answer grid by clicking on the printable version and scrolling down to the second page.

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