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Bible Word Searches

Twenty Miracles of Jesus

Jesus with jugs of water and wine

Reviewing the Bible is fun with our Bible word searches, and there are many more at the website for you to investigate.

In this puzzle, we supply you with 20 Bible passages, seen on the printable version. After reading the passage, you'll need to fill in the blanks in each sentence. Then look for the words you've added to the sentences in the puzzle.

Note: We used the NIV translation in writing the clues.

Printable version, clues and answers

Bible Word Searches - Twenty Miracles of Jesus

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Bible Crosswords

Noah's ark

Here are just two from our collection:

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Bible Brainstorming Games

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Bible Games for Kids

Pop Up! - How much fun will your kids have learning Bible verses? Try this game and find out! Ideal for Bible School and Church School groups.

printable Bible bingo game card

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>Miracles of Jesus
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