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Free Word Search Puzzles

Seasonal & Holiday Topics

Jack-o-lantern, valentine and Christmas tree, from our collection of holiday free word search puzzles

Our free word search puzzles are fun to print and solve all year long! These seasonal word finds are perfect for parties and special events, too. Teachers, please note these are ideal for your classroom parties.

Please note that we have lots of non-seasonal free word search puzzles, too, at different levels of difficulty and even for kids.

Scroll through the list to find the ones best suited for your occasion. Puzzles are arranged in order throughout the year, from January through December. If you don't see what you want, please contact me and let me know for what occasion you'd like to see a new word search puzzle!

MLK Jr from WGW word search

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. His birthday is recognized as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day each year in the United States.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search  In this Martin Luther King word search, we've hidden forty words related to his family, education, ministry and work as a civil rights leader. Words appear vertically, horizontally and diagonally, both backwards and forwards.

You'll also enjoy this MLK, Jr. crossword. Test your knowledge of this important leader as you complete this crossword puzzle. 

Large red heart

Valentine Word Search  This one has a fun twist! Spell words using the letters in VALENTINE. How many of your words can you find in this puzzle?

Ireland Word Search  Find all counties, rivers and other important words related to the Emerald Isle. Can you find out how many times the word GREEN appears? This puzzle is great for St. Patrick's Day, or anytime!

Fun in the Sun Word Search

Fun in the Sun Summer Word Search You're sure to enjoy this sunny puzzle! Watch out for the twist! Six of the words in the word list are spelled incorrectly. First, figure out the correct spellings of those words. Then find all 24 of the correctly spelled words in the puzzle.

American flag on a pole

4th of July Word Search  Locate 35 words related to the American Revolution and Independence Day. Perfect for a party, for the classroom, your family or just for fun! See if you can find all 35 words related to the American Revolution and Independence Day before the fireworks begin

Fall Word Search Here's a quick fall word search puzzle that you're sure to love! Print it out to play now, or save it for your next family gathering or fall party. With just fifteen words to find, this is a fun puzzle for little ones to solve with a family helper, or maybe even on their own!

Please visit my other site for more Word Searches and Brain Teasers for kids at www.spelling-words-well.com

Football Word Search Are you ready for some football? How about a football word search? Here at Word Game World, we like to add a twist or two to our printable word find games. This one is no exception! This time, we’ve hidden an extra word that’s the goal for every professional football player. It's in the puzzle, but it's not in the list of 54 words. Can you find it? 


Halloween Word Search Here's a fun Halloween word search puzzle, suitable for all ages. How long will it take you to find all 30 words related to this special fall occasion? This makes a great activity for classrooms and parties!

Christmas stocking stuffed with presents

Holiday Word Search A traditional puzzle with lots of words about Christmas. It's always fun to celebrate Christmas!

Christmas Word Searches  Two very non-traditional free word search puzzles that you're sure to love! Look for special words hidden inside Christmas stockings. These puzzles are a bit tricky!

More Free Word Search Puzzles for
Other Special Occasions

baby rattle and blocks

Baby Shower Word Search This unique puzzle takes the shape of a baby bottle. One of our favorites! You'll find more baby shower puzzles by using the buttons on the left.

Baby Word Search This baby word search puzzle is great for a baby shower or to play on your own. Our word list contains 40 words, but only 39 are actually in the puzzle. One very important word has been left out of the puzzle. Can you find which one?

Popular Boys' and Girls' First Names Which baby names are most popular? Your guests will find out when they play this baby shower word search game.

Bride and groom

Wedding Word Search Here's a fun puzzle with a twist! It features all the people that are needed to make a wedding happen. Great for bridal showers, or to solve on your own.

Prickly Word Search A truly one-of-a-kind word search, perfect for your next bridal shower. The word list contains 40 words, but only 20 of them are actually in the puzzle. Could get a little thorny, eh?

Be sure to see our other word finds on non-seasonal topics.

We have word search puzzles for kids and Bible word search puzzles, too.

Why not try them all?

Author Ann Fisher in her office

Ann Richmond Fisher has been a published puzzle writer and educational author for more than 30 years. Ann LOVES to concoct new puzzle formats and solve word games of all kinds! Her puzzles have appeared in Highlights for Children, local newspapers, and dozens of books published by The Education Center, McGraw-Hill and more. Ann is a former classroom and homeschool teacher. See Ann's spelling website at www.spelling-words-well.com

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