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A Free John 3:16 Book

This John 3:16 book explains in simple terms the meaning of one of the most beloved scripture verses of all time. 

Kids will love the puzzles and coloring pages. Adults will appreciate the clear language used throughout this eBook. Whether or not you already know the meaning of this verse, you'll find the book to be engaging and easy-to-understand!

The John 3:16 eBook

What's Inside the John 3:16 Book?

This book begins with "Who was John" and "What is 3:16?" Then it explains one word or phrase at time from John 3:16. Along the way, children will find fun puzzles to solve and interesting pictures to color. There's much to talk about, so be ready for some good discussion!

Near the end of the book, we tie things together, review the verse and tell the kids, it's "Your Choice." 

The book ends with a list of other "Important Bible Verses" that are closely related to John 3:16. It's a comprehensive resource that you won't want to miss!

This John 3:16 book is a great resource for Sunday School, Church and Bible School programs. The pages can be spread over several days or weeks. 

We strongly urge you to please, please finish it, so that kids can make an important choice for themselves!

Download Your Free John 3:16 Book

Sample Pages

Here's a peek at a few of the pages. There are 22 pages in the complete pdf. 

John 3:16 book, page 7 about "God"
John 3:16 book, page 8 about "So Loved"
John 3:16 book, page 9 about "The World"
John 3:16 book, page 16 about mansions in heave

How Can You Use This Book?

You are allowed print copies of this book to use in your church classes. You may use single pages in your Sunday School handouts or church newsletters. 

As soon as you download your own copy of this new John 3:16 book, you have our permission to use this book with kids and families!

We wrote this book because we want you to use it at no charge to help share the Good News of God's love, forgiveness and grace!

Download Your Free John 3:16 Book

About the Authors

Author Ann Richmond Fisher

I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, owner and writer for this website. Thanks to the help and encouragement of my husband, Keith, I've authored over 60 educational books and products over the last 30 years. I also own www.spelling-words-well.com.

Keith and I teamed up to write this great little eBook about one of the most important verses in the Bible. Keith has a strong background in Bible and Christian ministry.  

We've been married for decades and we love to serve God together. 

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