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Bible Word Search Puzzles

Bible word search puzzles are one of the best ways to remember some fascinating and important parts of the Bible. Use these puzzles for Sunday school classes, church parties, family night, or just for yourself!

We've written these puzzles on topics from both the Old and New Testaments, for folks of all ages. Be sure to try them all!

Bible Word Search Puzzles from the   Old Testament

Printable Bible Word Searches on Creation, from www.word-game-world.com

Creation In the beginning...and all the way through, we think you'll enjoy this puzzle! Review the real story of the beginning of the universe, mankind and the animal kingdom in the book of Genesis. It's great to read the account with a family member and then solve the puzzle together!

Word search for Bible fun on the Old Testament hero, Joseph

Joseph - Son of Jacob Review the names of Joseph's brothers, his experiences in Egypt and more as you solve this fun word search puzzle. This incredible man lived a life that is hard to capture in just one puzzle!

Printable Bible Word Search all about the Kings of the Old Testament, from www.word-game-world.com

The Kings of First and Second Kings Can you find all the kings, plus one queen?   Do you know which name on our list belongs to a queen?

Solomon's Temple Search for the resources and riches used to build the most beautiful temple in history.

Check out these new Bible Trivia games, questions & answers!

Word Searches from the
New Testament

Jesus with water and wine

Miracles of Jesus Read Bible accounts of 20 miracles, finish sentences and search for the words in the word search. There's lots to do in this engaging activity!

The Names of Jesus Just who was Jesus? Read our word list and solve the puzzle, and you'll know all about Him!

The Books of the New Testament Search for all the books of the New Testament. Don't miss the little "twist" in this one!

More Bible Learning Fun

face of Jesus

Please note that we have Bible crosswords, Bible cryptograms, printable Bible Games, and lots of other free Bible games, too!

Printable Bible Bingo Game Card from www.word-game-world.com

Here are just a few examples:

Bible Bingo Game Old Testament Bible Bingo at its best! Play it at your next family night or youth group meeting.

Characters in the Gospels Can you remember the names of these important people from the first four books of the New Testament? Great for Bible classes of all ages.

Noah's ark

Noah's Ark Bible Crossword Can you answer all these clues on one of the most famous events in the Bible?

The Apostle Paul Review the remarkable life of the Apostle Paul in this challenging puzzle.

Tip for Teachers & Parents:

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Bible word games are a great way to reinforce important Bible truths and Bible passages.

Church school teachers and parents of all ages--Why not keep a few extra tucked word games in your bag or on the bookshelf, ready to pull out on a moment's notice?

They're a great way to fill a few extra minutes at the end of class or the end of a day!

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