Bible Activities for Kids

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This new and growing collection of Bible activities for kids includes all sorts of things to keep your kids interested in God's Word! Kids will learn and review lots of Bible verses, they'll play fun games, and they'll be learning godly truths.

Use our coloring pages, games, activities and printables for your own child or for children's programs at church. 

Bible Coloring Pages

Jesus Walks on Water - Bible Coloring Pages for Kids

NEW! Jesus Does Amazing Things - Set of 5 wonderful coloring sheets about the life of Christ, and a reminder that Jesus can do amazing things in the life of your child!

Jesus welcoming children

NEW! Bible Coloring Sheets - Set of three unique pages in which kids will finish writing important Bible verses, finish drawing the picture, and finally color the page. Fun and worthwhile!

NEW! Life of Moses Coloring Pages - These five new coloring pages will help your kids learn and remember some key events in the life of this remarkable man of God. 

NEW! Make Your Own Bible Picture Puzzles - Follow these simple, step-by-step instructions to create lots of fun Bible picture puzzles for your children to reassemble.

Group Games for Kids

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NEW! Color the Bible Verse Game - Here's a simple, fun new game in which kids compete to color Bible verses, letter by letter. 

Pop Up! - How much fun will your kids have learning Bible verses? Try this game and find out! Ideal for Bible School and Church School groups.

Order, Please! A fun, flexible game to help groups of students memorize learn Bible verses. Also perfect for Bible School!

Sword Drills - One of the best ways--and most fun--to encourage kids to learn their way around the Bible.

Please note: You are welcome to use these activities at no cost in your church provided that:

1) is listed as the source on each and every page you use

2) You are a not-for-profit organization

3) You do not sell the materials you make with my content

If you have any questions, please contact me

Printable Bible Activities for Kids : Games & Worksheets

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NEW! Bible Verses for Kids - Two sets of important, kid-friendly scriptures to unscramble and write. This is a great activity that will reinforce key verses from both the Old and New Testaments. 

Noah's Ark Can you answer all of  these crossword clues about one of the most famous events in the Bible?

David and Goliath Word Puzzle Here's a unique word game for kids about one of the most beloved stories in the Old Testament.

Jesus, boy, loaves & fish

Jesus Feeds a Crowd Kids will enjoy this activity as they learn about the famous Bible story from Matthew 14.

Bible Puzzles for Kids, ABC style! In this fun puzzle, kids must remove each letter of the alphabet to reveal in important Bible verse.

Wise Up! You'll uncover a great verse from Ecclesiastes, if you're wise enough to correctly follow all the directions! Great for ages 8 to adults.

We have LOTS more Bible games and Bible trivia for all ages!

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